Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Need To Hold My Own Feet To The Fire

"Hold your feet to the fire", is an Idiom or an Axiom really not sure but being from the Boston area I'm sure it was an effective method used by Puritans to make you believe or die.

If anyone happens to read this who lives near or around Route 66 I doubt your a puritan but please feel free to hold my feet to the fire as far as letting others know what a great experience traveling the Mother Road is.   It is a piece of ongoing living history not to be confused with Hillary Rodham Clinton's book "Living History"

Thanks to my nephew Tyler Cantone and taking him with me or him taking me on my third trip makes me an expert of The Mother Road.

I guess it was me taking him after all it was my van but leaving 3 weeks earlier than our original plan so we could chase tornadoes?

We saw some serious formations in Texas but nothing happened. 

It might not be any better than hopping for tornadoes but before we spent a week in Cali I was hopping to experience an earthquake.

  After a nights rest this was the beginning of our adventure.

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