Friday, July 15, 2011

My Appology To My Fellow Roadies, But Depression Hurts!

It's the economy could be an excuse,

my mothers death but that was back in the beginning of 2010,

it could be my oldest daughter who came over on Mother's Day right after my wife and I came back from spreading my mothers ashes on Revere Beach, with her drunken boyfriend who seemed to let out on me what my daughter has been holding back but venting to him,

it could be my only grandson who is now Twelve by my youngest daughter has no home because we're the "Arguing Grandparents" and chooses to stay with his father's dysfunctional family and his ailing grandmother.

My grandson sleeps "Somewhere" on weekends while his mother and father sleep here without him.

This bothers me.

It bothers my wife but she refuses to deal with it.

If I threaten to say anything to my daughter, about how she has a great job but didn't even have money to bail out her sons father on MLK day, my wife nearly had a nervous breakdown.

My youngest daughter who has a twelve year old son has also been living here for over a year to get her finances together has nothing but a fake Gucci Bag and 12 year old BMW to show for it.

I am a prisoner without my free will and would feel like I was running away if I hit the road. 

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