Friday, August 12, 2011

Keeping Up With Scott P.

Please if go off point DON'T BE NICE ABOUT IT JUST TELL ME!!!

I would like to think that my first trip down Route 66 was of my own FREE WILL but I left Boston with a heavy heart.

I have no regrets of the relationship that I developed with the Mother Road as she helped me through one of those rough patches which was mostly about me getting over myself.

My standards are strict and often too strict for my family, friends and associates to follow but as far as having a method to enforce those standards I am not strict enough with myself.

This brings me back to the title of this blog.

I made a pact with my self last November to write every day for a year;

got up early every day and wrote because morning was my best time to get my best out of me.

Then about a month back I would skip two to three days of writing per week.

What I have up to this point would be equal to a 300 plus page novel give or take a 100 or so pages.

I actually planned to write a novel, a mystery about revenge along the Mother Road.

This blog is about 26 post behind my planned schedule along with a post each in two of my other blogs.

Thanks to  Scott Piotrowski who some how motivated me by him challenging himself.

 This is my third week in a row about MY passion which is Route 66.

Actually this is about where I started from.

I took this picture when I came back from my first trip on Route 66 as you can see this is the first Public Beach in America two blocks from my House.

I bought the Route 66 stickers shown here on the rear window of my Voyager but was not worthy of placing them there until I drove back through Chicago on my was back home.

This bridge no longer exist it was part of the reason for the Big Dig.  Now all the roads the bridges were for are in the Big Tunnel.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pay Day!!!

It's been along time since I looked forward to a paycheck.  I don't really like getting paid since Uncle Sam has to have some of it as small as it is when he can't do much for me because I aint some big corporation that leaves the country to avoid taxes when times get rough and forget what America is all about and how they use to, support this country through the tough times.

How could I be so stupid when the former employee asked me if I had any tools because he forgot his keys?  Thank God the local cops knew what the real situation was,

I knew where this stuff was made, this was back in 2003.

Can't Ride a Bike but would love to try one of theses.

All of these shots were taken in Missouri 2003.