Friday, August 30, 2013

A Crystal Blue Mother Road Mistake Caught By A True Route 66 Roadie

I know the Mother Road/Route 66 runs through Albuquerque New Mexico and one of my favorite TV
shows "Breaking Bad" was shot in and around that City.  Every once in a while you would see the  
"Route 66" road marker on a building to let you know that is where the shoot was taken. How many
times did Walter take that road to go cook some meth?  Maybe never actually but there is plenty of
wide open spaces out there with no one keeping an eye on you.  Chances are if they put a camera here
and there unlike in the city it would be more likely nothing would ever show up.  I remember once  in
Tucumcari when I left my GPS in my hotel room I got a little lost.  I was just out having a bite to eat
and taking a few pictures.  I was only a couple of blocks from my hotel how could I get so lost.  I  found the police department finding that it closed at 4:30 PM.  A couple of turns later and there was the hotel.  Anyway back to what I'm trying to tell you about.  "Breaking Bad" piqued my interest when they started this episode called "Confessions" with Tod talking to Walters voice-mail this was the man who Walter trained to cook the meth before he decided he wanted out of the business.  Of

course I'm making this a lot more simpler than what led up to this phone call. 
This is not what piqued my interest.
This is what made me say it has to be Arizona.
No, Actually it was this one with 2 vehicles with Arizona Tags.  
And this put the nail in the coffin that they were in Arizona   NOT!!!
The phone call was made from a friendly little restaurant called Grandpa's Grill, Historic Route 66, 9200 Central SW near Albuquerque NM.  I found this out after chasing a ghost along with a little bit of my ego putting the picture of Grandpa's Grill on Facebook Route 66 Friends where Penny Black found it by not listening to any of "Breaking Bad".    

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Less Than A Year Away "Route 66 International Festival Kingman"

I know I'm from the Boston area and you all think because the name of this here blog is "Route 66 Boston" that I'm going to the festival to take over it.

Well, I aint like that.

Some may remember me from Victorville some may not.

I think that here and there Route 66 has grown bigger than her britches.

I read a book that used the Route 66 stenciled in the road to sell a book that was not about Route 66 and might have everything to do with her marketing britches.

I lived in the city all my life with the exception of  my late teens when my dad bought his first home through an auction because of a small fire that left smoke damage then we gutted it and rebuilt into a fine home with an occasional boomerang landing as my own family grew. 

Middleton now has gown into quite the urban sprawl if I'm using the term correctly. 

I'm now back in the city in my first home that I purchased that sits less than 12 feet from highway extension Route 1A North, north of Boston a road that takes you along some of the most scenic New England shore lines one imagines they would see and

yes I have been asked what it is that I see in Death Vally or Sitgreaves Pass.  

I have floated on plastic air inflated rafts around rocky shores that I would not dare swim but it is the desert where I prefer to live out the last of my days.