Saturday, July 10, 2010

Late Start Early Saturday Morning Chicago Traffic

20 Hours after crossing the Tobin in Boston! Yea! 

It was overcast warm and humid when we arived on Saturday June 12th 9:37 AM.

Why was I surprized to see a toll to drive into Chicago?

If I had questions I could have pushed a button to get answers?

It is a Toll Booth Right?
I was excited to be back in Chi-town and was about to be surprised at how excited Tyler was becoming about the whole experience.

We couldn't see the Willis Tower which I knew as the Sears Tower before leaving for Route 66.

We were certainly corrected every time we asked for directions since it was hidden in the clouds hovering over the city that day.

I have been to the beginning of Route 66 here in Chicago now I needed to shoot the end of Route 66.

Without the Willis Tower there was not much of a reference for me and Tyler was satisfied with just exploring this great city amazed of its cleanliness.

We were both exhausted only stopping at a rest area where I sweat a lot more than slept.

We stopped at what would be the best of any place we had to pay to stay at which was the Best Western in Countryside, IL.

Maybe because it was a Hotel instead of a Motel now realizing there is huge difference.

We stopped in a White Castle for Sliders and Chicken Rings and went back to our room for a great nights sleep.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wish I Was Back On Route 66

Revere Beach in foreground Boston in the haze.
Sitting here on my favorite beach I realized that there was a story to tell about about an uncle who took his nephew on his first road trip after a first year in a N.H. college.

My nephew is the oldest of four sibling who are the tightest I have ever known.

Unlike his father and I whom use to get one of my army boots flung at him when his snoring became too loud.

That was when I was trying to sleep but I was Batman he was Robbin when were not.

One of our daily adventures was a climb up the side of the building which was actually holding onto the railing to the upstairs bathroom where we would do our business then slide on our pillows downstairs before the toilet finished flushing.

Tyler told me he would be in Revere as soon as he dropped his brother and sisters off at school.

My wife who usually helps me get my stuff to my van on my other trips needed to be to work early and I was on my own.

I took the essentials out, laptop, GPS, camera and made room in the back of the van.

This is some of the stuff I think of as I reminisce over the trip, anything with Two or more Sixes in it.  This was a tough shot trying to get the Route 66 key chain at my favorite place to park on the beach
66+6 to me = Route 66  
all in one focused shoot.

I contemplated taking my huge Boss suitcase down my front stairs but had visions of it rolling out of my hand onto Route 1A North which is in front of my stairway and driveway.

Eventually Tyler showed up. 

A late start  was better than not going at all.

We shot this short video before leaving.  You will have to hunt around to find it but it was fun shooting it.

This was Tyler's first trip on Route 66 my first trip with company.

We were officially on our way which I measured by the receipt from the Tobin Bridge at 1:49 PM on July 11, 2010.