Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where Is America's Pride In Quality?

I would love to let you folks know what I think about the TV series Route 66 that aired between 1960 -1964 but reviewing all the episodes has been a chore. 

I believe in buying online expecting to trust who ever I buy from.   I consider myself to be an expert if at nothing else surfing and researching the web.   I am not the greatest writer or at marketing myself and suck at making money online but when spending what little is available I want trusted Quality.  I also love to buy American but seeing a great website does not mean that will happen because it looks American.

So why is so difficult to buy a box set of an American TV classic like Route 66?

I would love to be sponsored by a Quality American company that can make a decent Box set of DVD's of old TV shows.  At least when I send an email it should be answered by a human not a robot. 

When I was sent my missing and damaged episodes by the company mentioned in my previous post; all I could think of is some small village in the middle of nowhere who was bootleging this TV series Route 66 I bought from them.  They replace my damaged DVD case with 5 VCR cases.  Something really went wrong in communications here.

One of the episodes on a replaced DVD failed at the same exact spot on an episode that the misslableld DVD was at.  I was going to have a Chinese friend help me with the corispondence to help them deliver a Quality product but after serious thought about taking this action by reading between the lines on their web site.  I realize no body is checking the Quality of these DVDs.  They are sticking it on a machine and don't care about Quality only Quantity.  


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