Friday, October 9, 2009

I Need My Route 66 Fix After Watching Tod, Buzz & Linc

Let me tell you about a TV show that I have been watching lately from the 60's. It has a lot to do with the title of my first entry of this blog but unlike the TV show with the same name that ran from 1960 - 1964 it has little to do with with Route 66 / The Mother Road itself.

The show "Route 66" staring Martin Milner as Tod and George Maharis as Buzz and last 31 episodes with Glenn Corbett as Lincoln Case all of which were shot on location all over the US and toward the shows end a few episode where shot in Canada.

Most of my favorite episodes were filmed near the original Route 66 or at the least in a state where the Mother Road exist.  There were two episodes shot in Boston near here. One Boston episode I have not seen yet because because it was among the missing episodes 31 - 40 on DVD #4 which was not formated correctly.  This left me with 106 episodes. I bought my Route 66 TV series from  the "ClickDVDstore"As far as I know those missing episodes are on there way from China, on what appears to be a slow boat, as this is being written.   The shipping package that these DVD's came in was destroyed along with a disintegrated DVD case that they came in but the DVD's themselves were OK.  The quality of each episode varied from just OK to what appeared to be someone not paying attention while they were being recorded and left unedited. Too bad I have a limited knowledge about locating the VCR version of the show.  I could do my own dubbing with my DVD recorder. 

Anyone reading this please contact me if you know where I can find them.    

More than half of the 116 episodes were well written with great  story lines breaking out a box of tissues would be advised, while the rest were more or less mediocre at best.  When George Maharis was written out of the show the writers struggled to come up with  good story lines.  Some of the stories were way out there but nothing surprised me.

The last 31 episodes with Glenn Corbett as Lincoln Case had about the same story line quality ratio also half and half  as well as the Tape to DVD.   The very last two episodes really sucked lacking an emphasis being The End which left Tod with a ball & chain to Barbara Eden with Linc walking off to Texas.


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