Thursday, June 10, 2010


They added the finishing touches on my Caravan repair which was a front end alignment after replacing the passenger side tie rod. 

Along with the purchase of a Verison MiFi and Nat King Cole's Greatest Hits we are finally ready to motor west.

Tyler and I will be on our way to Chicago early tomorrow morning hoping to literally write the book on traveling from Boston to LA by way of Route 66.

We are hoping to have YOU keep an eye on our progress as we journey across this wonderful country of ours.

Speaking of writing the book; could someone Please Kick me in the ass for paying $30.00 for a blank book/journal with a picture that I have a better more professional looking one of in my own collection of Cool Springs than the outdated one on the cover.  That is $10.00 more if you checked out the link and need help with the math like I did.

I don't want to mention where I bought the book but I guess YOU too could make a little profit as a struggling writer and help Amazon make a little on the side on the way to the top. 

I will take donations once I get the gadget set up on this blog.

Hopefully with Tyler's help as I teach him what I know it will be my training time as well.

I have to put all of my gadgets together today after my doctors appointment so YOU can see what works and what does not.

I'll have some links from FB, Twitter and Brazen Careerist and will be looking forward to YOUR input.

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