Saturday, May 1, 2010

Route 66 The TV Show Vs. Route 66 in the Real World

The "Sixties" Wish We Had Those Day's Back Again?

I was six years old in 1960 and the only reason apparently that I would even remember seeing Route 66 the TV show was because it aired on  Friday nights at 8:30 on CBS.

After watching a couple of episodes one has to wonder what would happen to Buzz and Tod these days being as helpful as they were back then.

After receiving the Third Season it had me thinking of how Tod and Buzz  would be thought of today as their moral compass might have been set way to high for today's standards.

I doubt that I would see a person lying on the street bleeding and NOT call 911 but if Tod and Buzz were in the same situation they would throw the guy in their Corvette and drive him to the hospital.

Believe me after crossing this country as many times as I have I consider my self lucky just from being polite at the wrong time.

Let me Explain.

I got some great Shots in Chicago, with my camera that is.

It was early morning way before there was any traffic as I found and shot the Route 66 Begins sign.

I missed so much the last time wanting to get everything this time.

I still missed stuff this time around but instead of rushing out to California I stayed two days in McLean the heart of Illinois on Route 66.

So that I don't carried away from my explanation let me say this I got some great shots and Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup and it is spelled with an i as its original Webster's spelling.

It was not in Illinois where I could have been killed for being polite it was in Joplin Missouri.

This is where I was going to spend another night since the last trip I never stopped in Kansas.

It was late at night for these folks anyway.

I was starved and had to defecate badly finding a convenience store that sold pizza slices and had a clean Handicap Accessible toilet.

I cannot walk with a beverage and drink it at the same time noticing I was in this man way who was on his way to the counter moved then apologized.

He said under his breath, "No you're not!"

I was fortunate there were people around and a lady who helped me with ice for my cooler.

It was not until the following semester at UMass when I found out about the epidemic of Meth users in this part of the country.

Or he was a straight guy who hated my Boston accent.

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